10 august 2009

Narcotango in Romania

Narcotango were here. A concert hall in the open air flooded by sounds... rough, sweet, rough, sweet...Gente que si live. (narco)Tango, the only legal drug. Narcotango reminded me how good it feels to feel young; to feel like dancing, to feel like loving. The "We've got toninght, who needs tomorow ?" attitude.
What I liked most about the Narcotango concert in Bucharest was the Romanian tango community. At the end of the concert, when they all jumped on the stage and started to dance frenetically, I felt that sincerity was, for once, in the air. It is true that some ( most ?) of us took up dancing for reasons that have more to do with things like loneliness, socialization, flirtation, feeding big egos, soothing small egos etc, than with the dance itself. But somehow, eventually, at such moments, it is only the joy brought by the music, by the dance, by life itself that shines out clearly.

PS: On the occasion of the concert, I caught a fleeting glimpse of an ex-love of mine. Still bursting with well-being, still radiating with the arrogance of youth. The same openness to the people around, the same exquisite smile, the greatest smile I have ever seen. He came with an exquisite blondie attached, of course. Such men always do...

In hindsight, looking back at my younger self, I wonder: where, in the name of God!,did I find the resources to cry my eyes out over a boy...because (sob) he...(sob)...doesn't call any more...(sob) ( sob) ( sob)...
To be young is to be wasteful. Of tears, of smiles, of pretty much everything.

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