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Narcotango // Limanueva

narcotango_limanuevaStep forward on the way to TangoJazz

The current CD by Narcotango consolidates their position as a leading neotango band.
They succeed to set new musical accents by incorporating stylistic elements from jazz and rock in this spectrum of tango music.

Narcotango regards themselves as a  »part of the contemporary urban sound track« (Carlos Libedinsky) and clearly break away from trends - as a »backslash« of neotango - to initiate the move away from contemporary music styles. Basic approaches of this development could be found in the current releases of Gotan Project and Otto Aires (»Retro-Avantgarde«).
E-bass, drums, e-guitar and sound samples condense into a compact jazz-rock rhythm section. Piano / keyboard, e-guitar and bandoneon make a deep impact to various solo improvisations and set tango-specific accents to the tracks. Narcotango commonly resorts to their own arrangements without using Tango standards.
Altogether, the style developed by Narcotango is highly reminiscent of fusion-jazz - not least by the use of guitar-riffs and e-bass. It must be said that the e-guitar created a musical identity for this CD anyway and it´s together responsible for its neotango-touch with keyboard, drums and sampler.
Limanueva presents itself unpretentious and waived the usual pathos and mannerism of tango-related projects in favor of intensity, enthusiasm, inclusion of jazz elements and thematic homogeneity.Melancholic passages vary with punchy beats and provide a moving impression, the basis for danceability of 90% of the CD-titles. Only the experimental »Datos de Vuelta» steps out of this frame.
The CD runs through a continuous development process from more pleasing titles like Mistela without an outstanding influence of electric elements and clearly jazz-oriented pieces as Ronda to the free jazz-inspired Datos de Vuelta.

Mistela creates a gentle introduction and reflects the listening patterns of the tango dancers by a very danceable tango with slow, melancholy mood.

Supongamos is a hymnal vocal track with significant Tango-references and a higher tempo, slightly reminiscent of »Narcotango 2«.

In contrast Incluso presents itself as a soul mates of Mistela with a melancholy, slow tango mixed with subtle electro facets.

Fast-paced and fluid passages grounded by some bandoneon sequences dominate in Lado C and mark the shift to more neotango facets.

Como Si sets the tune for CD: Floating down beat with harmonious integration of tango and jazz influences.

The serene Limanueva is a compact piece with a clear, continuous hookline and very jazzy guitar sequences.

In many parts Cartas is a dreamy piece stimulated by rock-riffs and tempo-variations in the centre part.

According to the musical scheme of the Rondo the high-speed Ronda is divided into two corner pieces with tango standards and a long middle section with passages with driving solo improvisations of bandoneon, e-guitar and keyboard.

If you are looking for a suitable companion for the way home after a night danced milonga, you´ll find it in the melancholic slow Vuelta a Casa.

The spherical Datos de Vuelta does without clear Tango-references but with large ranges of free improvisation. The stylistic proximity to free jazz is reminiscent of the experimental repertoire of Tango Crash.
At the same time Datos de Vuelta is the conclusion of the CD and initial point for an open development perspective of neotango.

Mehr Information: www.narcotango.com.ar

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  • Comment Link Carlos Friday, 09 July 2010 10:02 posted by Carlos

    Hi Volker, thanksx for your very sensitive review about Limanueva. What you wrote Is right how we-re diving our music.

    Un gran abrazo

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