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Narcotango is an Argentine music group integrated by Carlos Libedinsky, Fernando del Castillo, Marcelo Toth and Mariano Castro.

Since its creation in 2003, Narcotango has made 20 international tours in America and Europe, has received two nominations for the Latin Grammy Awards (2009 and 2010) and the Gardel Prize (2009), and has released 3 studio cds: Narcotango (2003), Narcotango 2 (2006), Limanueva (2010), and a DVD + CD Live, Narcotango Live (2008)

In August 2003, they released their first CD Narcotango, with completely original music where electronics and tango intertwine, creating a bridge between the tradition of tango and the twenty-first century
Narcotango then became part of the contemporary urban soundtrack, along with other groups that accompanied this process , called Electro Tango
Since the first edition of the cd, began international tours, as the global music scene was very interested in this new aesthetic.

Meanwhile, clashes were born and controversies about the legitimacy, fashion of the new gender between supporters and detractors, who crossed in endless discussions sociological and cultural, with passion and intensity
The path taken by the first Narcotango, created a buzz about the second album and in May 2006, is edited Narcotango 2

The significant impact of this new trend taking tango roots to become a contemporary expression, allowed to speak of a new building, fresh, and modern, deeply rooted in the history of Buenos Aires, expanded concept of the idea of a renaissance''

Narcotango en VIVO, first DVD of the group is published in July 2008 through the independent label, TADEMUS, and is the consolidation of the concept of Narcotango.
This work has been nominated for the 2009 Gardel awards for Best Electronic Tango Cd, and also the 2009 Latin Grammy for Best Tango Album
Narcotango music has been choreographed by important artists choreographers from Argentina: as Iñaki Urlezaga and Maximiliano Guerra
In 2010, it published the 3rd cd of study, is titled LIMANUEVA, and marks a fundamental change in Narcotango More because the music was composed and arranged in groups, for its four members: Carlos Libedinsky, Fernando del Castillo, Marcelo Toth y Mariano Castro

LIMANUEVA has been nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards 2010 and was performed for more than 15 countries in America and Europe during 2010 and 2011
In 2011 Narcotango composed and recorded the soundtrack of the movie WYGRANY, of the Polish director Wieslaw Saniewski.

In 2013 Narcotango released their 5th CD "Cuenco", which was performed live in concerts in more than 20 cities of Europe and America during 2013 and 2014.

The "Cuenco Tour" presented its last show on December 10, 2014 in the Golden Hall of the Buenos Aires city Legislative builiding. In that occasion, Carlos Libedinsky, Fernando del Castillo, Marcelo Toth, and Mariano Castro, members of the group Narcotango, were officially nominated as "Distinguished Personalities of the Argentinean Culture".

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