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 The last CD of popular Argentine tango electronic group and one of the first, if not the first to have gained popularity following the path opened by Gotan Project. Changes in the group's work, the consequences of maturity and a desire to offer the public tango . stripped and even more enjoyable . Amazed at the variety of rhythm that Narcotango offers us their latest work. read more (France)
(CUENCO review - June 2013)

 In CUENCO, one notices very soon that the former label “electro tango” is too narrow. The new songs are an energetic fusion of modern tango with elements of jazz and rock – both in song structure, melodic changes, and arrangement. Their wonderful atmospheric songs are still present, yet within the same song different facets may appear which makes it very attractive to listen. read more

Arndt Bussing, Tango reviews (Germany)
(CUENCO review - 18/05/2013)

 Music by Narcotango is always unique: It is clear and playful, modern and classic, danceable and perfect for simply listening. The musicians' virtuosity, the charismatic voices, the sophisticated arrangements - they all create the fascination for the audience. "Cuenco" (Water basin) is the title of this fourth album. read more

Danza y Movimiento Magazine (Germany)
(CUENCO review - 06/06/2013)

 When we listen to Narcotango’s cd’s chronologically we hear that has been a tremendous growth, both with the individual musicians and the deepenig and ripening character of Narcotango’s music. read more

Cor Glorie, La Cadena Magazine (Netherlands)
(CUENCO review - 05/2013)



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