Press 2011

La Cadena Magazine, Holland, March 2011
…Narcotango in Paradiso, expressed as an energy unit, a group that composes and arranges together, which has resulted in Limanueva, the band's latest album Argentina, a major development in the artistic result ...…(Cor Glorie, La Cadena magazine ) read more ( Site Argentina) 9 de enero 2011
‘’…the tracks are delicious, they offer serenity and a great mixture of sounds, this makes "Limanueva" into a great work to be listen.…’’ (Lucas Seoane) read more

Whats On (revista AMSTERDAM) 7 de enero 2011
….Narcotango is a neo-tango project from Buenos Aires, The orchestra consists of authentic instruments such as the bandoneón, guitars, keyboards and a rhythm section which are combined with samples and electronica. The result is a mix of sultry melodies and powerful beats that is certain to have everyone moving on the dance floor…read more

Wordpress, New York
‘’… With base at their native Buenos Aires, NARCOTANGO is a very well known group in Europe and South America and at this Mid summer fest is ready to seduce New York…’’ read more

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