Press 2008

Boomy (Portal web Italia) November 2008
... Narcotango’s music reaches the depths of the soul and heart with destabilizing effects, specifically narcotics...’ read more 

Revista Dance, Brasil, October 2008
''... it was inquestionable the Narcotango’s success in Curitiba...''  leer  mas 

The Ronda, web site, Argentina
September 2008
''...Narcotango en vivo, a DVD with an impressive putting in scene...''  read more

Festival de tango: web site, Argentina, September 2008
''...The public who last night overwhelmed Niceto danced or listened, alternatively. He kindly followed the climate surrounding - almost of cinematographic experience of the show of Narcotango, that presented its flaming live CD and DVD, that ratify the praises picked up in the diverse cities of the world...'' read more

Portal web de la Secretaría de Cultura de Buenos Aires. 
Argentina, August 2008 Interview read more

Diario Pagina 12, Argentina, August 22, 2008
...Narcotango leaves without argument the purists and to whom they maintain that the electronic tango became a easy label. Wednesday, a public who included all the ages let take by an impeccable and attractive show...'' read more 

Portal web de la Secretaria de Cultura (Fernando Corrado) Argentina, June 2008
‘’ ... lNarcotango’s music is the most chosen by young dancers and daring to engage with this new way to feel and dance tango...’’ver más

UNAL, Agencia de Noticias Colombia June 8th, 2008
´´...Narcotango opened its show with the overwhelming performance of one of its first songs, which deserved a wave of applause from the 1600 spectators who did not want to miss the show... With the group´s new and old songs, they closed and evening full of emotions and a stunning proposal that rather than pleasing, marvelled the people of Bogota.´´ ver más 

El Colombiano Diario de Medellín Colombia, June 6th, 2008

Narcotango dived into the different features of electronic music, and then mixed them with intense sounds, Buenos Aires nostalgia, moving notes with a high degree of eroticism, to create a new tango... read more

Caracol multimedios, Colombia, 5 de junio 2008 
...tango is like a drug which generates an incredible, sensual and powerful addiction. From there, derives the name of the group and its musicians´ passion for a genre which has renewed itself with electronic sounds and which has seduced the new Argentine generations with happy and melancholic sounds which are part of the life of Buenos Aires...  read more

VIVE, portal web de COLOMBIA June 5th., 2008
...La agrupación argentina Narcotango no se debe contar entre otros colectivos que mezcla tango con otros géneros musicales, como Gotan Project o los chicos no tan chicos de Bajofondo. La razón es simple. Narcotango no suena a nadie más y su poderoso repertorio en vivo lo demuestra, con una vibra más orgánica que de sintetizador... read more

RCN: programa de radio Colombia June 5th., 2008 . Click to listen

Revista Cambio, Colombia June 5, 2008 (Interview)

DIARIO EL ESPECTADOR, COLOMBIA, May 31, 2008 (Interview)

REVISTA SEMANA May 31st., 2008
´´...In Colombia, everything including the prefix 'narco' seems to be doomed. But the word narcotic is also associated with escape, a dull sensitivity or a path to hallucination. That was the idea borrowed by Carlos Libedinsky, the Argentine musician who created the most revolutionary and meaningful concept of tango: Narcotango, and who best updated the genre. ..´´ read more

VIVE, portal web de COLOMBIA may 31, 2008
´´...Solamente se dieron cuenta del poder de su 'droga musical' cuando su sonido invadió lugares emblemáticos de Buenos Aires. Narcotango no era una mezcla que se consiguiera en la noche en un barrio inseguro, para oírlos bastaba con pasar por lugares como la calle Corrientes, la zona del Obelisco y la calle Florida...´´ read more

PLAN B, portal web, Colombia 31 de mayo 2008

"‚...those who have witnessed the evolution of this genre assure that Narcotango was not only a pioneer, but was also responsible for updating electronic tango, introducing features which made it more authentic..." read more

TangoNoticias: (Chicago USA) February 2008, Interview read more

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