Press 2007

Diario EL Comercio (Interview) (Quito, Ecuador. September 2007) read more

Diario EL Comercio Quito Ecuador. September 2007)
``...Around 10 pm, people left Bolivar Theatre in the centre of Quito completely moved. Some of them were still singing melodies and some others, a bit more audacious, drew, with restless paces, some dancing movements on the paving stones of Chile Street.
The reason? An excellent performance that moved deeply those who attended the show of the Argentine group Narcotango...´´ read more

Revista El Tangauta (Buenos Aires, August 2007) 
...Prejudices tumble down vis a vis the power and originality of Narcotango´s music . While omnipresent, electronic resources respect the taste for the traditional melody that has always been characteristic of tango.... (Carlos Bevilacqua) ...  read more

Blog Imaginación atrapada (Buenos Aires, May 2007) 
...``Narcotango, , es el sueño, es la pared donde desaparece la seductora, donde se vuelve la mirada y sólo quedan los pasos caminando, taconeando sin dejar huella. Es un charco estallado por un colectivo impune´´ read more

Revista Tangomagazine (Italia) Mayo 2007 (Nota de tapa) read more

Revista Time Out (Italia) (May 2007)
``LLibedinsky is one of the musicians doing the new tango avant garde. He is touring Europe, presenting Narcotango 2, a mature record that very well synthesizes traditional and contemporary traits of tango..." read more

Siciliaonline Portal web, Italy (May 2007)
"...tango fans, offered a triumphal welcome to the Argentine group which made the audience enthusiastic and conquered the most skeptic....’’ read more

Diario Corriere 5. Italy (May 2007)
... ‘’Narcotango has created a new, modern music, contaminating the sounds associated to traditional tango with electronic music. A winding, erotic music with elegant intermezzos and a heart beating the flavour of the sounds of Buenos Aires...’’ read more 

Diario Kassel (Alemania) May 2007 read more

Web Soqquadro, Catania, Italy (april 2007)
..'' Narcotango´s music creates an intense and amusing show at the same time, which urges everybody to dance even those who have never felt close to tango so far...'''  read more

Megaronline (Catania Newspaper, Sicily). April 2007
"...Narcotango´s is a complete tango, mature and sensitive, far from the dubious lounge deviation to which many producers have condemned the new tango...'' read more 

Fuzzyblog (Blog Italia) (Marzo 2007)

…’’ alli donde trabajos como Gotan Project o Piazzolla remixed, privilegian la escucha inmediata, en Narcotango el sonido se dilata y revela toda la pasionalidad y la melancolía del tango. No es un disco facil de primer escucha, pero luego de algunos giros, le apasionará...’’ read more 

CarlosParchen Portal web Brasil (Marzo 2007) 
...’’Trouxe-lhe uma nova dimensão, mantendo a alma e a sensualidade do tango tradicional, mas com uma linguagem extremamente moderna, arrojada, com batidas de combinações inusitadas, mas de um efeito hipnótico...’’ read more 

Revista XXIII (Buenos Aires, Argentina) January 2007
...´´Narcotango 2 is full of tense movie-like moments, climax and endings which receive applause even from machines. Libedinsky´s merit is to have found a place where apparently conflicting sounds mutually enrich.´´... (Martín Mazzini) read more


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