Press 2010

Worldmusiccentral (site USA) December 20, 2010
‘’…Limanueva is a superb album that reveals the versatility of the bandoneon in a context of well crafted tango innovation…’’ (Angel Romero) read more

Diario Pagina 12 (Argentina) December 11 2010
Entrevista (Cristian Vitale)

Diario Tiempo Argentino (Argentina) December 11, 2010
Entrevista Marcelo Fernandez Bittar)
"... Since seven years of ago from their birth, the group NARCOTANGO has become in one of the most respected bands in their style with a loyal audience following them in Argentina and around the world each time they start a new tour. They were nominated two times to Latin Grammy awards and one time to Carlos Gardel awards" read more

Diario La Nacion (Argentina) December 10, 2010
"…Narcotango was sensitive to a new tango time, and with their 4th CD called Limanueva (an excellent work which sounds as a perfect soundtrack of this era) they feel a very clear and defined musical direction to follow. Narcotango has gone very deep into this own identity, from the density of their atmospheres, the contemporary colours and a technological cell." (Gabriel Plaza) leer más

Revista Reportango (USA) August 2010
Entrevista: Carlos Quiroga

MEPHISTO BLOG (Francia), July 2010
‘’…Limanueva, the new Narcotngo cd is love for the music...’ read more

CYBERTANGO (Alemania), July 2010
"..Limanueva presents itself unpretentious and waived the usual pathos and mannerism of tango-related projects in favor of intensity, enthusiasm, inclusion of jazz elements and thematic homogeneity... ’(Wolcher Munchausen) read more (web site USA) Juny 2010
…Narcotango is one of the most intriguing world fusion projects of recent years…read more 
(Ted Gioia)

Lincoln Center site (USA) June 10, 2010
…Tango's addictive properties have been apparent beyond the milongas of Buenos Aires for nearly a century. Ensemble narcotango embraces tango's past while setting off for new creative territory. It is juiced up with the kind of subtle beats that don't mask the traditionalist sensuality at the music's core. narcotango's much-anticipated New York debut promises to hook a whole new audience……read more

Lincoln Center, New York (web site) May 20th  2010
…’’Narcotango dives between different aspects of electronic music and mix them with the intense sound of the nostalgic Buenos Aires, generating big shares of erotism to create a new Tango...’’ read more

New York Times (newspaper USA) 15th May 2010
‘’…following Linoln Center´s multicultural evolution, this year MidSummerFest includes remarkable sounds as electrotango's argentine group NARCOTANGO...’’ read more

Revista VISOARTE, May 11, 2010, Brasil
‘’…After some choros, you start to enjoy. The most importatn thing is the quality of the musicians, they have their instruments under control and makes a show with great quality…'' ( Lathife Cordeiro).read more

Periodico JORNAL do BRASIL, May 7, 2010, Brasil
(Entrevista) Bernardo Costa 

Revista MIRABAIRES, May 6, 2010, Buenos Aires
...Narcotango moves the audience and touch your soul...... read more

GREEKSONGS, April 2010, Grecia
…Na m'agapas is the Greek version of the song Gente que si sung by the band Narcotango from Argentina. The amazing music of the song and the great lyrics written by Lina Nikolakopoulou make the song truly special…read more

Kultura (site Cross Kulture Festival, POLONIA) April 30, 2010
….Big emotion gives the 5th day of the festival, during this journey the group from Buenos Aires NARCOTAGO will be playing some of their new music... ..We are constantly introducing the biggest names of "world music" area and innovative projects, " says Marek Garztecki Art Director del Festival… read more

TAEMTODAS, Brasil (web site) March 17, 2010
’… Narcotango is by far the most perfect mix between tango and present electronic musicl…’’ read more

TERRA, Brasil  (web site) March, 15 2010
...''after the succesfull of Narcotango's last year tour around Brazil, it was expected to see them here again.." read more  

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